Our projects and initiatives combine and work together towards a defined set of outcomes:

An organisation with

  • Inspirational and accountable leadership, professional management, sharp business acumen, strategic planning, a well-defined sense of purpose, context and direction;
  • Passionate, motivated staff with clearly defined targets, goals and objectives;
  • World-class tutors, mentors and contributors adding up-to-date, real-life experience to quality theoretic knowledge;
  • Outstanding partnerships and reputation creating opportunities within the music and entertainment industry;
  • Innovative projects that deliver maximum return to our beneficiaries for every pound pledged by our donors.

Young people with

  • A strong appreciation of the arts, experience in engaging in creative and artistic processes, with the ability to creatively express themselves and the challenges that they face;
  • The vision to perceive a real opportunity to turn their talent or passion for the arts into a viable career;
  • A raised sense of self-worth, self-esteem and increased educational achievement, which helps them confidently and positively contribute to society;
  • Fresh goals and the desire to work hard to achieve them, and who are able to make wise lifestyle choices;
  • Positive attitudes and behaviours towards their communities: families, peers, local residents, teachers and the police.

Communities with

  • Reduced incidents of gangs, drugs and crime-related antisocial behaviour as young people are engaged directly and indirectly in constructive and educational diversionary activities;
  • A strong sense of cohesion, mutual support and understanding, and cross-cultural celebration, as young people engage across ethnic and territorial boundaries.

Music, arts and media world with

  • Artists with honed and refined natural talent underpinned with well-grounded character, strong social and moral values and an altruistic outlook and who are committed to using their art and platform to impact society and youth culture in a positive way;
  • Representation of music and media that actively seeks to have a positive social and moral impact on youth culture;
  • Representation of music and media that communicates positive and inspirational messages starting in the independent record industry and building up to regular occurrences in the mainstream charts.

Churches with

  • A commitment to working with other churches in cooperation with public services and other community stakeholders, demonstrating faith and tackling the big issues facing young people;
  • Churches and youth groups with a passion for being relevant and engaged with the young people who live in their communities by communicating faith with more than words through local grass-roots initiatives;
  • A heart for young people who are marginalised and disenfranchised within their communities and who struggle with emotional and financial poverty;
  • Inclusive access and support for all young people who choose to express their spirituality through the Christian faith.

We will monitor and assess the performance and effectiveness of our activities against the delivery of these outcomes.


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