What is KickStart?

KickStart is a year-long artist development programme aimed at 18–25–year-olds. The programme comes with a twist of faith and is designed to do exactly what it says on the tin: give artists a KickStart and boost their career. KickStart delivers a unique mix of residential training, artistic grooming, career coaching and mentoring.

KickStart provides the perfect environment and conditions to incubate your development and boost your progress. We’ll surround you with the best teaching, coaching, facilities and practical opportunities.

Not a Gap Year programme!

KickStart is not a gap-year programme. KickStart is run on a part-time basis: you don’t need to quit your job, leave your studies or take out a student loan! Most sessions will be run on weekends and evenings.

Candidate criteria

Mad talented?  New and up-and-coming?  Aged 18–25? Urban, pop or folk genre? Ready to take your music career to the next level? KickStart is for you!

Key Dates

Application deadline: 30th July 2015
Auditions & Bootcamp: August 2015 (London)
Course start: September 2015

Kickstart builds on the legacy of international touring hip hop band 29th Chapter

What’s the “twist of faith” thing?

At its core, KickStart is less about nurturing celebrities and more about transforming culture. The programme is focused on engaging candidates who demonstrate the talent, aptitude and commitment to use their art to speak hope and truth into their generation. The values that underpin this programme find their roots in the ancient teachings of a great master – teachings which still ring true today.

Structured training and support

Two jam-packed, high-intensity residential weekends, a business and strategy planning day with industry experts, song-writing clinics and recording studio masterclass sessions.

Support and mentoring

You’ll be assigned a mentor who’ll be on hand to guide and support you every step of the way, so you can learn from their experience and expertise.

Career pitch

As part of the programme you’ll be putting together a business plan for your medium/long-term vision. In our career pitch session we’ll put you in front of a panel of investors and executives who have the finance and connections to support a significant ‘next step’ in delivery of your business plan, whether it’s making a music video or recording an EP or putting demos to record labels. Get this one right and you could walk away with a serious career supercharge.

A variety of masterclass training sessions

Masterclass sessions include: song-writing with various writers, artists and producers; song-writing clinics; studio recording; stage/performance techniques; business/career and strategic planning.

In-house showcase opportunities

Performing in our in-house showcases will give you an opportunity to evaluate your progress, get critique from our panel of industry professionals and also to perform in front of some key decision makers and event bookers.

Special rate studio time

Every artist needs an opportunity to record. As part of the programme you will get three half-day (four-hour) sessions with our team of top producers to record and mix 2-3 songs to a professional level.

1-2-1 artist development consultation

Being an effective artist is 80% planning and 20% execution. Our unique 1-2-1 consultation approach enables you to pick the brains of some outstanding business and creative minds to help bring a new level of focus to your artistry.

Exit programme

We won’t just chuck you out at the end of the course. Our programme offers a range of stage 2 options, including business plan delivery support, collaboration with one of our partner organisations, and an ongoing artist mentoring route.

The 12-month programme is roughly split into three terms:

  • Term 1

    Foundation building, development of vision and values coupled with practical development sessions.

  • Term 2

    Performance, writing and recording workshops and masterclasses to get your recorded and live work on the go.

  • Term 3

    Out and about. We’ll get you gigging to put all your material and new skills to the test. Then we head back to camp to refine then some more, then back to gigs, then back to base, then back to gigging… you get the picture, right?!

The whole programme is underpinned with regular mentoring and support from our outstanding team.

PRICING : £600
(excluding travel and food)

• Two weekends away (inclusive of food and activities)
• All training sessions
• Discounted studio sessions with sought-after producers
• Three completed tracks
• Performance opportunities
• Business, strategy and vision consultation
• Personal access to and advice and support from the Acts 29/KickStart team
• Instalment-based payment


Application deadline: 30th July 2015
Auditions & Bootcamp: August 2015 (London)
Course start: September 2015

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