The Rebirth Network is an award winning hip-hop dance theatre company based in East London.
Our credits include: Street Dance XXL Finalists/ World of Dance UK (Best Theme), Breaking Convention and Resolution 2016.
We’re looking for dancers to join our professional and training companies.

We’re recruiting!

Auditions 9th September 2016

We’re a family connected together by our passion for dance and a desire to make a difference. Dance to be free!

We’re an award winning hip-hop theatre company based in Stratford East London Street (Dance XXL Finalists 2015 & World of Dance UK heats – Best Theme 2015)

Relationship, excellence and integrity are core christian values that inform our work

We do little shows

...And big ones

We train hard!

And dream BIG!

You should join us!

Train with us!

We have three teams, each at different levels so if you’re a beginner wanting to develop your skills or a pro wanting to hit the road we can find a spot for you to develop your craft with guidance from our outstanding team of coaches.

Rebirth Kappa

Our Kappa team is the first training team, a great place for beginners who want to one day find a place in the Rebirth hall of fame. You'll do at least one show a year and get to cut your teeth in one competition.

Rebirth Beta

Beta is our second training team, it's more intense training for to get you dancing at a higher standard. You'll do at least one show a year, a commercial gig and also enter lots of competitions.

Rebirth Alpha

Rebirth Alpha is our touring team, you'll do regular shows and performances across the UK and further afield and will as participate in commercial work and teaching.

Youth Company

Our new youth company for age 9-15 is aimed at nurturing young talent, you'll be trained by our best tutors and get to be part of exciting shows, events and competitions as your skills develop

We’re recruiting!

Auditions 9th & 17th September 2016


The audition will consist of a warm up, choreography & freestyle.

Recall will consist of a acting character workshop followed by an informal interview.

We are looking for strong , committed, and versatile hip hop dancers for our professional company. As well as aspiring dancers for our training teams.

This depends on which team you are in:

Rehearsals for our professional company (Alpha) is every Friday from 7-10pm with occasional extra rehearsals for specific shows. We currently train at Centre Stage in Maryland.

Rebirth Alpha & Beta train together every other Monday from 7-9pm (venue changes from week to week) 

Rebirth Kappa will train every other Monday from 6-7pm (venue changes from week to week) 

We currently train 18+ with few exceptions. We hope to open a class for younger students so let us know if you’d be interested.

Everyone pays subs, this helps cover the cost of venues and tutors and enables us to build the company and develop new work, subs vary between teams and range between £13-30 per month.

The leadership and core members of the company are christians, our faith inspires and informs every aspect of our lives, including Rebirth. As with any organisation the core values are a reflection of the founders. We hope that getting involved with Rebirth you’ll find relationship, excellence and integrity, these are core values which we hold dear and which we encourage throughout the company.

We are also involved with and participate in various christian events, festivals and gatherings. As a member of Rebirth you will be exposed to these as well.

No you don’t. The founders and core members or Rebirth are committed and passionate christians and remain unswervingly committed to their faith. This faith inspires and informs their work and the values and culture of Rebirth. With this in mind we welcome people of all faith and also those of none to get involved with Rebirth. Take a look at the “what’s the faith thing all about?’ question for more info.

“Just as much a family as a company”Camilla Dickson - Rebirth
“Being in Rebirth has provided a great opportunity to develop as a dancer”Kabuki Johnson - Rebirth
“An incredible family of faith and the most skilled & diverse artists that one can see in London” Jonathan Appiah - Rebirth
“Rebirth is a team full of best kind of people, leading these guys is a privilege”Daniel 7