Acts 29 is working towards a world where young people are empowered, equipped and supported through the arts and youth work to realise their purpose and mobilise their potential in order to transform their communities, their nations and the world.

Who are we

Acts 29 is a charity based in West London and we work with young people aged 11 to 25. At our core is the simple belief that young people, given the right opportunity and support, have the capacity to change the world for good. The biggest part of our job is helping them realise and believe this truth.

From community arts projects and music showcases across Ealing and Hillingdon to managing international touring dance companies, we’re working hard to transform young lives in a positive way, to let it be known loud and clear just how awesome young people are.

Our Work

Our work falls into two categories: artist development, which seeks to identify and nurture artistic talent and is underpinned by professional youth work; and community engagement, which seeks to engage young people in the community through youth work and is underpinned by creative and artistic themes. Our combined approach dovetails to create exciting projects that effectively engage young people.

One way to see significant change in young people is to be around to support them for the long haul. Over the last ten years Acts 29 has worked alongside schools, churches, the police and many other local partners. We have many inspiring stories of real change, but it still feel’s like we’re just getting started.

Our Patch: Ealing & Hillingdon

We live and work in London, one of the most prosperous and vibrant cities in the world. Yet one in five of the young people we work with will present with major safeguarding concerns such as self-harm, eating disorders, family breakdown or temporary accommodation issues, and many will or have experienced physical or emotional neglect at some point in their lives.

Through the youth work support that underpins our programme we aim to build trusting relationships with young people, hopefully opening a window of opportunity to engage in dialogue and support in order to better their life chances and ensure they reach their potential.

Core Values
Our values are the qualities that underpin our work. They inform our planning and decision making, and distinguish us from other organisations.


We’re deliberate in our pursuit of fresh new ideas and biased towards change. We aim to be ahead of trend and look for innovative solutions to challenges.


We place utmost value on relationships at every level of our existence. We value our interdependence and collaborate with partners to achieve excellent team outcomes.


We seek to attain the highest standards, seeking support and insight where needed, with a constant commitment to analysis and review in order to better our standards of achievement.


We deliver all aspects of our work to the highest standards. We’re becoming an excellent organisation by nurturing ten key qualities: passion, selflessness, courage, innovation, honesty, accountability, communication, integrity, curiosity and impact. These are the same qualities we seek to model and nurture in the young people that we engage.


We maintain a trendy, media-savvy outlook that understands and relates well to trends and challenges surrounding youth culture, music and media.


We work hard to minimise the barriers that exclude people from experiencing and participating in our services (such as socio-economic barriers, health barriers). We work collaboratively and invite views and feedback from staff, volunteers and beneficiaries.


We are motivated by need and inspired by faith. We value and respect people of all faiths and those of none while remaining true to the Christian values that underpin our work. These same values lead us to hold a deep concern for and commitment to those who are marginalised in society and those living in areas of poverty and social deprivation, to work with and alongside them to see communities transformed. We believe the nurturing of moral and spiritual values has a key role to play in every young person’s development.


We only start initiatives that we believe we have the capacity to sustain through meaningful, mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations.

See our strategic outcomes

More than just a bunch of fancy ideas, our core values are helping us to achieve specific strategic outcomes.

Our Staff


Prince Laryea

Fournding CEO Arts Programme Manager

Lorraine Liu

Assistant Director - Rebirth Network


Daniel Martin

Founder & Artistic Director - The Rebirth Network


Tarnya Neil

Dance Programme Coordinator / Assistant Director Rebirth Network

Our Trustee


Hilary Beldan


Janet Hartoll


Liz Biddulph


Julian Ansah

Our Patrons


Michelle Douglas


Angie Bray (MP)

Our Impact

97% Young people experienced a rise in self-confidence
87% Young people who have learnt new musical skills
90% young people reporting a greater sense of personal well-being
90% young people who feel more part of the community

Work With Us

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